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Ideally, you should change your motor oil every three months or after every 3,000 miles. If you often drive around in hot or dusty conditions, you might even want to change oil more often than that.

In order to remove the piston, unbolt the base flange from the body using a 3mm allen key. Depending on the BPV model you have, this may be 5-6 socket head cap screws. When removing the piston be PTFE Sheets careful to not cut the o-ring. If your o-ring is damaged, you can contact COBB Tuning for a replacement.

With the Cobb XLE, I hold all of my boost during shift and its loud, meaning people know you are on the boost. It also doesn’t sound like a couple of ninjas having a sword fight under the hood like the Forge does.

Your filter operation time may not be long enough to compensate for heavy use or hot weather. Try running your filter for hours to clear the Spiral Wound Gaskets water then adjust to less running time.

The sand you are using could be too small, which will go through the filter system, then back into the pool. Remove the sand and replace it with the proper grade of sand – #20 Silica or 45-55mm pool sand.

Construction materials make the XLE BPV compatible with alcohol/water injection due to inherent corrosion resistance. * Lighter than most aftermarket BPVs and BOVs.

When replacing or repairing any parts on your wood burning stove it is essential to wait until the stove has fully cooled down. By carrying out regular checks on your wood burning stove you can ensure that you get the best out of it for many years to come. Not only is it an environmentally friendly source of heating but it will keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter months.

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