Why I Like Meditation

This is both a guide and a challenge for you to receive some real, powerful benefits from meditation in just 30 days. The goal of the challenge is this; practice these tasks every day, for half an hour, for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days you should be able to perform a very interesting ‘trick’. The trick involves producing heat at will in the palm of your hand. By the end of the 30 days you will try focus energy onto your palm, place it over someone’s arm and they should feel warmth, and possibly the sensation that someone is touching them, even though you are not.

The technique or TM for short is easy to follow. People of all religions, cultures and ages can do this. You can practice it for twenty minutes two times a day. Basically, with this method, you will be sitting in a comfortable spot with your eyes closed. This is the most effective method of self-development and currently, over five million people throughout the world are using the TM technique.

As the years came and went, offspring were born and grew to adulthood, meditation seemed to get more difficult instead of easier so I then experimented with other forms of meditation instruction baltimore. Most methods promising to help me meditate like a yogi who had spent the last millennium in a cave. (for the small price of just $49.95 per month or $499.50 for the next installment of instruction.) You know what I’m saying. After believing these bold statements and investing my hard earned cash into my spiritual development I was understandably perplexed as to why the thoughts never went away, not even for a second.

If you have been reading my newsletters for a while, you’ll know that I have often written about this topic and have previously even given lists of tips for meditating better.

I’ve come to define meditation as a state of stillness to further one’s awareness. I’ve spent time doing what I term “formal” meditation, sitting and quieting the mind. I’ve practiced walking meditation, a total awareness of my surroundings and actions as I moved. In the end, I’ve dropped both practices and moved into what I’ll term as creative meditation. Or how I now practice meditation through creativity.

Do not hesitate to ask advice from people who have had several experiences in meditation, because they can provide helpful approaches that will make your session easier.

We learned: the importance of breathing, a mantra, and the number of times a day and how many minutes to meditate. I recall talk of meditation being simple but not easy and warning that falling asleep during meditation although not “bad” was a sign of “not getting enough sleep at night” (duh…we were college students in the era of disco, heaven forbid!!) It was stressed that a straight spine was key to success and a cushy comfortable chair, the enemy. Basically it was encouraged to sit in a quiet space wherever you could find it but remember to keep the spine straight.

So take some moment at the beginning of your meditation and reflect on your intent, the very reason why you are sitting down and going within. Focus on it and let yourself connect to feeling it. Let this feeling of spiritual desire carry you all the way in.

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