Tea Tree Oil History And Information You Need To Know

Do you have any idea on what tea tree oil is? I know you do, but I do not think you know this. Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca Oil is a very effective stuff, and it has so many uses and benefits which I understand is not known to you. Ha! I got you there, right? This is very effective and has essential oils and other constituents.

This oil also works to help with bruises, burns, gangrene, bronchial congestion and body odor. It is a good antihistamine, antioxidant and antiseptic. Other things it is used for are healing wounds, sore throats, melanoma, sinus infections, ring worms and impetigo.

The treatment includes simple application of the plant oil to kill the nail fungus. Another method is to apply daily two or three drops of tea tree oil on the infection and rub smoothly. This treatment is recommended for mild to moderate infection. It works well if you choose to mix olive oil and thyme oil with cistite sollievo immediato in equal proportion. This blend can work to eliminate nail fungus with extra effect. One can use a soft brush to ensure uniform spread of the blended solution. When you choose scrubbing the affected nail gently, the upper most fungal layer is peeled off which means the fungus is killed at surface level.

If you choose, you can dilute the Tea Tree oil in a carrier oil like almond or grapeseed oils. This makes it safer and less irritating. Tea Tree oil can be added to a melt and pour glycerin soap to wash the face daily. You can also add this oil to witch hazel for an acne fighting astringent after using the soap. For a cream application, add this oil to an unscented and preservative free Aloe Vera cream or lotion. Make certain the lotion will not be thick on the face and will allow the pores to stay open. If the lotion is clogging the pores, the acne will become worse.

Steam. Steam is very effective at opening the pores and helping the skin to sweat. This flushes out the bacteria and the oils that cause acne in the first place. This will help your skin to be clearer. Everyone knows the importance of keeping your skin clean (especially if you’ve got acne or acne prone skin), and steaming helps to flush the skin from the inside out (the most effective way to clean the skin for sure!).

Treating the fungal infection can be very easy yet needs consistency. It will be a bit slow because we need to remove all the remaining bacteria in the nails before they finally disappear. Untreated cases can even stay for many years due to inconsistency in the treatment. The use of tea tree oil for nail fungus treatment is a very popular way to get rid of the problem. There are enzymes in the tea tree oil that helps remove the infection caused by the fungus.

I think the combination of steam and tea tree oil is a very effective acne treatment, and one that you should consider trying. Just remember to use caution – as steam can be dangerous.

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