Stress Relief For Stay At Home Moms

It’s a common question stay at home moms get, and not the most welcome one in a lot of cases. Many people assume that once your kids are in school, you don’t need to be a stay at home mom for them anymore, despite all the challenges of getting them to school and back home again after, coping with sick days and so forth. And certainly you won’t be staying home once all the kids are grown! What are you going to do once that time comes that you need to find a job when you’ve been spending years as a stay at home mom?

Try a treadmill, a elliptical machine and a stationary bicycle. There will always be days in which the weather does not cooperate with our outdoor plans. In this case the use of a personal treadmill, elliptical machine or stationary bike is ideal. The cost is a one time occurrence as compared to the gym membership dues. Find a place in your house that you can dedicate to the idea of exercise. It is not a good idea to put it in your bedroom. Keep the bedroom as a place to calm down and sleep, not sweat!

Be Realistic- Contrary to what you may think, stay at home moms are extremely busy. Children demand a lot of attention. Obviously, you and your children will be spending more time at home than you were before. The laundry will inevitably pile up, so will the dishes. There are appointments to keep, errands to run, groceries to buy, and events to attend. Kids always need to eat, and then there’s that family time thing, the reason why you wanted to stay home in the first place. You will find yourself wondering how you ever had enough time for everything when you worked full time.

This can be particularly acute for stay at home moms who find a need to start working at home. Didn’t they start #alwaysbeearning to be there for their kids? Are they depriving their kids by taking a part of their day in order to work?

Children in daycare also tend to catch every bug that comes around, so it seems like they get sick more often. I’ve heard the argument to this point that they get these childhood diseases out of the way and build a tolerance to them earlier in life. There was a time when I bought into that argument, but after watching the general health of daycare kids vs. stay at home kids I’m not entirely sure about that. I’m willing to say that if that’s what you believe, you may be right.

She’s happy because her job doesn’t take her away from home all day. In fact, she is at home half of the day and only goes out when she meets her clients for photo shoots. As a photographer and business owner, she established her store online that she is able to maintain when the time is convenient. Her family supports her too and helps her with her business. Having balance in her life is what made her home-career successful.

Try taking a short walk in the morning. Eat your lunch away from your desk. Make a phone call to a friend or family member that isn’t work related. Watch a short TV show in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea before getting back to work.

If you still feel not comfortable enough and think that the whole online making money thing is rubbish, try to search for one and start working on it. You’ll finally believe it when you got paid!

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