Secrets On How To Make Gel Candles

Candle making is a very popular activity not only in the United States but also in other countries as well. It is an interesting activity for all ages and has gained positive reviews from many people in different parts of the world. It is also very simple to do. There are many types of candles that you can make and one of the most popular types is gel candles.

Heat the wax and after it melts completely, pour it into a jar slowly and gently. The cotton wick will now come into use and should be positioned in the center of the jar. Make sure to follow the candle making instructions carefully as this is a very delicate process. The best method is to use a clothespin, pen or thin pencil to position the wick in the center. After the wax hardens, the wick can be cut down to around 1 inch or more, as you wish. Thus your candle is complete.

The first thing that you should have in your mind when making candle is to choose the right wax. If you don’t choose the right wax, the candle tends to bend. And if the wax is too sturdy, there may also be a tendency that the candle cannot burn through and through.

We then moved on to one of the oldest techniques in Candle making, which are the dipped candles. This was a little bit tedious for a ten year old, but now it is one of my favorite ways for making candles. My Grandmother got each of us a twelve inch dowel and cut six pieces of wicks. She tied the wicks to the dowel, and once the wax was melted we began dipping the wicks into the hot wax. After the first dip, she made certain to hold the end of the wicks so that the wax dried straight. In the way too, just as in the first project we worked on, it is possible to make a multi-colored tapered candle. In all, it took us about forty dips of each wick before we had a candle that was an inch around, but again, it was a fun project and relatively simple.

You will need a container to melt the wax. Get a big melting pot with a lip for pouring and a sturdy handle so that the hot molten wax is held steady. You will also need a wick. Wicks of various thicknesses are available and you might have to do a little research online about this to find the right thickness. You will also need what is known as a wick tab – to hold the wick in place at the bottom of the candle mould while you pour the hot molten wax.

For the supplies you will need wax, a lead free wick and a scent, if desired. There are many options when it comes to waxes. The most common is paraffin wax. It is easy to work with and it comes in a variety of melting points so you can use it for different kinds of candles such as: votive candles or pillar candles. The next most popular is beeswax. This one is a bit more expensive because it is harvested in smaller amounts at a time. This wax makes candles burn evenly and put off a warm glow. Beeswax doesn’t need a scent as it gives off a honey sent when burned.

Step # 9. Now roll the candle up in the beeswax sheet, keep it straight and aligned as you do this. Roll the candle all the way to the end and smooth the crease out just as you did before.

One more thing to be kept in mind is never to heat the wax over 200 or 210 degrees. Using a thermometer will make your life easier. A candy thermometer should be good enough. The Next important step, as mentioned in this, is to prepare your containers or molds. Once these are ready, you have to start melting the wax up to about 200 degrees. If you want, you can add some fragrance or color. Once your wax has been melted, pour it into your container or mold and let it cool. Take extra care and place a wick right in the center when the wax cools down a little. You could even use a Popsicle stick or a tongue depressor to position it correctly. As per candle making instructions, the correct positioning of the wick is very important for your candle to burn evenly.

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