Pagan Meditation Techniques

Have you tried numerous times and failed to consistently keep on a workout schedule? Do you feel defeated every time this happens? Maybe the reason that you fail to stick with your exercise plan is because you haven’t approached it from the right angle. One way is to reexamine the reason you’re working out in the first place. Exercise is one of the top ways to stay in shape, burn fat, boost your metabolism, and gain muscle. But, if you have found the right kind of exercise it should be fun!

When the body is at rest, you want centered breathing where the chest and the abdominal area move equally and at the same time. When all parts of the ribcage can move easily it won’t appear as if the chest is lifting much at all. Keep your hands resting on your ribcage and belly and imagine that you are blowing up a balloon as you inhale. All sides of the balloon will expand and/or contract at the same time.

But can you control your breathing process? Yes! The more appropriate way to describe this is that it is possible to train ourselves to breathe properly. This is one of the most beneficial things we can do to positively impact our emotional and physical health.

Replace carbonated drinks with water. carbonated drinks have high amounts of sugar and caffeine, both have been attributed to anxiety. Drinking water will also help your body eliminate certain toxins that may be contributing to your anxiety.

Tip #5 Find ways to relax. Do some deep breathing, breatheology coach, go for a walk, exercise, make love (well you’ll be relaxed afterwards), write, visualize the life you want, watch a movie you love, pick a word like “love” and focus on it, anything that puts you at ease. Remember the Source within you is relaxed not worried, hurried or affected by any outside circumstances and when you relax you experience that same calm & knowing.

You can always tell an experienced runner by the way they start off a race loose and relaxed. The amateurs are the ones who tighten up as they prepare to give their bodies everything they can. When you tighten your muscles with the intent of pushing as hard as you can, you leave yourself open to injury, which could not only make you slower but could also sideline you for an entire season or more.

I was afraid of the dark, afraid of the bright light, afraid of birds (later I found out that my mother had a fear of birds), afraid of snakes, rats, any kind of rodent, or animal that had claw feet — except for dogs and cats of course. I was afraid of heights – and depths, deep water, fear of the unknown, fear of public speaking, fear of frogs jumping on my feet, and the list goes on. I am a work in progress.

Enjoy the new you. You deserve to be happy and joyful. Others will benefit by your new way of being. Shine your inner light as brightly as you can. Say “Yes, Yes Yes” to having peace in your life and really mean it. Now, enjoy your new way of living!

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