My Top Ten Halloween Songs To Put You In That Spooky Mood

Maybe your child has a birthday on October 30 or 31, and you want to have a party. Or you are having a traditional celebration in party form and are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained safely. There are lots of Halloween games for kids, both active and quiet, that will keep them occupied and having fun. Here are some ideas.

The Ghostbusters theme is fun to play on a keyboard even though it is very repetitive. Rather than play the music yourself or listen to it on the stereo, you can sit down in front of the tube and watch the old Ghostbusters movies. If you have kids, sit down and watch the movie. Use your own discretion as to whether they are old enough to watch it. They too will then enjoy the Ghostbusters theme song and crack jokes about the big marshmallow man.

There are a lot of free scary sounds available on the Internet. You can start your search here for some great Halloween sounds. Then grab some midi’s from this site, and this site and you should have a good library of basic gory sounds. If you’re still in need of some hair raising effects then you can find some real classic sound bites from the greatest horror movies right here.

Another great selection is The Addams family theme song. The original television show went on the air in 1964. This song is a classic and is great for any Halloween occasion.

There are great halloween CD’s that you could play for some background ambiance, but I think with all the laughter and excitement the music may be drowned out. The easy part about this party is that your house and /or yard will already be decorated for the season! Halloween party invitations are abundant, so find ones you like or even make your own on the computer. There are lots of sites with free pintables. The game stations can be Halloween versions of what you would find at carnival. When they are ready to start playing the games, they will have their “pumpkin bucket” from lunch and can begin visiting the game stations to win tickets or candy!

Bobbing for apples is another Halloween past time many of us enjoyed. However, many parents don’t want their kids playing this game anymore because they are concerned over the spread of germs. A modern take on this game that is virtually germ free will have your kids laughing until the cows come home. Take a long stick or broom handle and tie long strings to it evenly spaced out. At the end of each string attach a donut. Have the kids line up and have two adults hold the broom handle with the donuts above the kids. Move it up and down while the kids try and eat their donuts. The first child to finish their donut wins.

Another game that’s fun to play at a Halloween party is Pass the Pumpkin. This game is played like the familiar game of Hot Potato except they use a small pumpkin instead of a potato. Have the kids sit in a circle. Play Halloween music while they pass around a small pumpkin. One child starts the game holding the pumpkin and passes it to the next child and so on. Have someone stop the music at random. The child holding the pumpkin when the music stops has to step out of the circle. The music starts playing again and the game continues on until the music stops again. The next child that is holding the pumpkin steps out. The game continues until there is only one child left in the circle holding the pumpkin and that child wins the pumpkin.

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