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As little girls we all dream of that Prince Charming coming into our lives. That Fairy Tale Wedding and living happily ever after. When we get older we realize a lot of this was dreaming. Yet when we do find that perfect person for us, that soul mate, it’s the beginning of a wonderful life together. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out that way. This happens for many reasons. Quite often it’s the couple maturing and growing in different directions. Sadly infidelity, financial stress and other things can cause this as well. Almost always, it leaves one or both of the parties wondering what happened.

You can earn money be selling your stuff online. Everyone is familiar with eBay. You just have to make a list of stuff that you do not need at your home and sell them off on websites like eBay.

For life coaching online Clients: There are only so many hours in the day, and you want to work with no more than 7 clients (as Andrea Lee mentioned, “my coaching practice is full to the brim with 7 clients”), so once all 7 client spots are taken, you won’t be able to take any new clients until next Fall. Of course, you better have powerful reasons and benefits to make people want to work with you.

Don’t let your mind limit your level of success as a coach. Open your heart to all of the blessings that are in store for you. Opening your heart up to receiving the success you deserve can put you in a position to succeed in a mind-blowing way. Many people don’t believe that he or she deserves success, so they never open their heart up to receive it. When you open your heart up to receive success you can not only succeed, but you can help others succeed as well.

This group, Future Women of Promise, is a training development organization dedicated to young ladies. This organization facilitates international coach federation online, personal care, healthy living and hands on sessions that equip young women as future leaders.

I realized I have a yearning for new stories, new jokes and to re-acquaint myself with the magic of adventure. I don’t need to be scared or sleep on airport floors anymore. I don’t need to fall off a ladder or a roof to know what that’s like. Yet, I do need to expand my circle of experience to include the unknown and the undiscovered.

Consider alternative ways to accomplish your goal – Work with children? Adopt? Babysit your friends’ kids, volunteer for a charity that helps children, become the greatest Aunt or Uncle ever, consider (intentionally) dating someone who has kids, become a foster parent, etc., I know a man who donated an organ in order to fulfill his want to leave a legacy. Let your heart open and your mind meander as you consider ways to achieve your desired outcome. Is having your own biological child the only way? If so, go to a doctor and find out exactly how possible or not possible it is. Look your options square in the face and truly consider them. If you’re serious, get serious.

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