Emerald Rings-Next Choice After Diamonds

When you hear the word diamond you automatically assume something expensive. Cheap diamonds are available, you just need to spend the time on or possibly offline, looking for a bargain. The first thing you need to do is to find diamonds that have similar characteristics like carats, color and shape for example. Once you have looked at a number of similar diamonds, you’ll be able to recognize a good deal and a rip-off.

Colour. The best colour (unless you are buying coloured Diamonds, of course, see below) is no colour at all! 鑽石搜尋 are catagorised from D to Z with D representing the finest, colourless stones.

We all know diamonds are a hard stone, but the word diamond literally does translate into the word ‘indestructible.’ The word comes from the Greek term, ‘adamas.’ For those who know and love X Men, it is said that Adamas is at the heart of ‘adamantium’ the made up alloy in X-Men Wolverine’s body.

If you don’t trust the internet you still have a choice of selling it to a reputable jeweler. They would surely welcome your offer and negotiate a fair agreement. Expert jewelers will know immediately the value of your diamonds since they’ve been doing this business everyday. It is also very tricky because they can lie about the value, and that’s why you need another set of eyes to analyze it.

There are dazzling hues of the natural fancy colored diamonds. From blue diamond, to green diamond, you will discover several hues that you can choose from. There are also many hues of the flirty pink, seductive red, lovely yellow, majestic blue. You may get personalized jewelry from this set of diamonds.

Diamonds have a number of natural qualities. They are, for example, the hardest of any natural product. Synthetic daimonds needed to have similar qualities to compete with the natural product. In jewelry a diamond has beautiful sparkle,and is very hard. Any synthetic diamond that is to compete with the real thing has to exhibit similar qualities. And synthetic diamonds do this admirably.

Prime amongst them is Moissanite. One of the newer of the synthetic diamonds, moissanite, is in fact a naturally occurring product, and it is therefore arguable whether it is a synthetic diamond or just a jewelry stone which is very close to diamond in it’s qualities. It was first discovered in tiny amounts in a meteor that landed in Arizona in 1893. It was discovered by Dr Henry Moissan, after whom it was named. It has only been recently produced synthetically, because it does not occur in sufficient quantities naturally to be commercially viable, so it was necessary to devise a way to synthesise if it was to be available in jewelry.

Another issue to be aware of after you buy diamonds is where you may be able to sell them. Diamonds are a store of value and selling them can be a viable source of income, albeit one-off. To determine where you may be able to find people willing to buy your diamonds, search in your local phone directories for estate jewelers. When you sell your diamond, you will be on the other side of the negotiating table. Use what you have learned above to sell your diamonds and convince potential buyers that your stone is valuable. Make them command a higher value on the market.

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