Effective Viral Video Marketing

The concept of YouTube is exciting. Upload a video, send to your friends, and wait for it to take off like a viral, rapid, wildfire. If it were only that easy.

14. Give Your Video a Catchy Title. Marketing with video is a lot like other kinds of marketing. You have got to make the title and headlines catchy in order to draw them in. Simply using titles like Weight loss tips don’t work anymore. It’s to be specific and address people’s needs. For example, instead of just weight loss tactics, you can title the recording as 3 Cheap But Powerful Weight loss tactics. So, when you are uploading your videos to youtube views along with other video search engines, ensure to create the title count.

You click the link, it takes you over to YouTube, where you watch the video. While you’re watching, you’re thinking about how you’ve got to get back to work, but it’s such a good performance. You need a break anyway, so you’ll just sit for the 2 minutes and watch the video.

Make 3 different versions of the same ad and post it once a day on each account for 3 days. To go your account, view your postings, and delete the ad you placed 4 days ago. Once you hit the delete button, hit the “back” arrow on your browser and craigslist will allow you to repost the same ad without having to redo the whole thing. Repeat and repost until you get the responses you feel comfortable with.

So how do we get to be like Siobhan? How can we overcome the stereotype that is reinforced when we go to a doctor’s office, when we go to the mall, or when we shop at the grocery store? I suggest you expose yourself to natural birth. Watch home birth videos on buy youtube subscribers. Watch some of the excellent movies that have come out recently like “Business of Being Born,” “Pregnant in America” and “Orgasmic Birth.” These visual images will help recreate your own image of birth.

Gregory Kramer or Greg as everyone calls him is a twenty year old genius with a recording device and a heart of gold. For the last three year he has devoted himself to the local music industry and those groups and musicians he follows. Back in December of 2010 he first started taping LeCompt for Facebook and then in Dec of 2011 starting putting videos up on youtube. Since then he has taped thousands of hour of footage, taped over 100 musicians and has over 46,000 youtube views.

While setting up your YouTube channel will require strategic planning and a little extra work on your end, it will be well worth it in the end when your video content takes off and you see the success first hand.

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