Better Your Public Speaking Skills By Being Different

Some people are physically ill just saying their name in front of a group… while others will wrestle you to the ground to rip a microphone from your hand.

A Solutions Focussed approach would likely say something like “Tell me what it would look like if you were no longer shy. What would you be doing? Who would you be talking to? What would you be saying to them? How would you be feeling?” They wouldn’t be focussing on the past, only on how the future could be.

What she described to the group is a classic case of stage fright, and it is one of the biggest speaking challenges a litigator can face. The stakes are high for both client and attorney and the pressure to deliver can feel overwhelming. Stage fright is a legitimate concern, especially when it impedes the impact of the jury’s ability to listen.

Attention is needed before finishing the speech. Prior to the end of the speech, thank the audience for their patience hearing. Then make your concluding remarks. Say something practical that the audience can apply in their life. This will create a good impression. And, you know, last impression is the final impression.

Eliminate the internal chatter. No excuses. Adopt a no-tolerance policy with yourself. If you are serious about learning effective presentation skill classes, this is absolutely essential.

The answer is that without a level of proficiency in speaking publicly, we have no real hope of informing, let alone persuading others beyond our immediate colleagues, about the strength of our ideas. Public speaking is the best way we have for letting those we don’t work with closely every day, hear our ideas and by extension, witness our competence and our skill. For anyone in a leadership position, or aspiring to hold one, communicating only in writing or through individual meetings attended by a few colleagues, isn’t an option. Choosing to leave the communicating to others isn’t an option either, not if you want to establish yourself as a leader.

OAlways be prepared. Do research if needed before the speaking event. Pay close attention to the changes or happenings going on, for this will give you more ideas to share and more involvement from the crowd.

Getting yourself to change behavior is hard – even if it’s something you really want. When it comes to changing behaviors, it’s helpful to think of yourself as a coach. A coach will push you hard when he knows you can do better. But if you work really hard and give 100%, he’ll also reward you for a job well done. Any achievement plan should also include incentives and rewards. For example, if you hate public speaking but realize you have to improve your skills to get a better position, you might commit to treat yourself to ice cream whenever you deliver a speech for your public speaking class.

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