Actress Marlene Forte Jumps At Chance To Be Silly For A Haunted House’

Insane asylums seem to be a breeding ground for paranormal activity. When you think about the horrors experienced by those who once lived there, you may be able to understand why.

Being a horror movie, though, things aren’t as clear as they seem. Cotton is convinced the child is abused. She has problems, he knows, but doesn’t believe it is anything more than that. He quickly sees though that there is more to the story than this. The family has issues with the local pastor. The girl, he soon discovers, is also pregnant. She attacks her brother, leading the father and son to have to leave. Cotton decides to stay and rescue her from her father, who he believes is abusing her. The “demon” begins talking from the girl, and even attacks him. However, he stays convinced that there is nothing more than paranoia and delusions.

The first location on your list should be the Central City Masonic Cemetery. The masons are a dark and mysterious group to begin with and when you add ghosts to the mix, they become even more fascinating. The cemetery is frequently the site of mysterious floating orbs of light. Visitors have also seen a little boy lurking the grounds late at night, as well as a women in black that appears twice a year. The little boy is likely an apparition, while the woman is completely real. She puts columbines at the grave of John Edward Cameron. This is similar to the tradition of a bottle of cognac being place on the grave of Edgar Allen Poe on the author’s birthday.

Also, audiences only deal with shock value once for a movie. By the time Paranormal blog 2 rolls around, audiences won’t be expecting much when it comes to shock value. They already saw the original movie; they already know that the woman is possessed by some sort of demon. Where’s the surprise in this movie? Audiences won’t be shocked a second time and they’ll respond by never seeing the movie again. It’s happened to other horror sequels before and it’ll happen again with this one.

Among the ‘Ghost Hunters Academy’ recruits was Jane Riley, a New Jersey-based Paranormal blog online researcher and photographer. Jennifer Waite spoke with Jane for this in-depth interview, exploring the realities of reality TV, Jane’s interest in the paranormal, and the spookiest thing she’s ever seen!

OK, even most scientists believe that there are other dimensions out there, and that there are very thin vails between the planes of these different dimensions. The one’s whi support this theory believe that Shadow People have either found a way to enter into our dimension or have acidentally slipped into “our side”.

Watching these and other webcams is good practice for doing evidence review. It’s the most tedious – and yet the most important – part of paranormal research. You never know when you’ll catch something spooky!

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