Abusing Medications In The 21St Century – Psychiatric Drug Pushing

Getting fired from your pain doctor may or may not be your fault. What I mean by that is it could be you were out of town and had a car accident necessitating an Emergency Room Visit with narcotics involved. It could be that your medications were stolen by a family member, and you are not the kind of person to get the police involved with the necessary police report per your pain management agreement.

Start a Daily Journal. By keeping a daily record of your marijuana use you can begin to get a better idea of exactly when and where you are driven to smoke weed. Once you have identified these triggers, you can work to removing or reducing these negative influences in your daily life. Also use the daily journal to write down your feelings and emotions. Sometimes the act of just writing things out and getting them off your chest can be extremely therapeutic in itself.

Drinking plenty of water will help you remove the chemical toxins from your system as a result of your Marijuana abuse or addiction. That may sound simple, but it is true. Hydrate before you go to rehab and while you are in rehab. Drinking plenty of water and flushing your system may also help to improve your attitude towards rehab treatment.

Short Term-memory. Marijuana smokers seriously lack short-term memory abilities, once you quit weed you will actually be more aware of your inability to recall recent events. Although your memory will return with time, expect a period of frustration in which you can’t recall things you would like to very easily. Make sure to work on it, as your brain is a muscle that simply needs exercise.

It’s all about benefits, not features. Doug discovers a cheap source of Medical Marijuana in a clinic in LA and thinks he’s discovered a gold mine. However, in order to use the clinic, he has to get a prescription for buy marijuana from a shady physician and then drive an hour into the city every time he needs a refill. Nancy offers him the opportunity to buy the same stuff locally, without the drive, and no prescription needed.

This company is still in pre launch until July 1. The enrollment fee is $100 for $100 of “product”. Sign up is by invitation only, so you must have a sponsor to join.

Poor stewardship. Personal possessions are neglected. Things get lost. Items are borrowed, but never returned, and when they are they might be damaged.

So the next time you hear someone say, “It’s just pot,” remember what it actually is; a drug that can and does affect a person negatively when they use it and down the road.

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