Using Online Diaper Coupons To Save On Your Expenses

If you could make an extra $1,000 a year tax free and it would only take a few minutes of your time each week, would you be interested? Of course, who wouldn’t be? Well, by clipping coupons you could essentially make an additional $1,000 a year by saving it on your grocery bill.

The smartest way to use coupons are to purchase the smallest container allowable with the coupon. If you have a coupon for $1.00 off a box of rice, check the coupon to see if there are any size requirements. If there are, get the smallest size allowable at the lowest price. Then when you have 2 identical coupons for the same item, you can purchase 2 of the smallest size containers and get the biggest savings.

My local grocer has their weekly ad online and has an easy to use printable list. You go through the ad online and when you see the products you use, check the box next to it. The items checked will be in a nice little list you can print off and take to the store with you. Match any items you can with coupons you have. This will help double or triple your savings!

If you have yet to see how powerful using Coupons at drugstore can be, ask expert shoppers who constantly rely on coupons for their drugstore purchases and slash their total from $200 down to $32! That is an instant savings of $168! If you can use some of these Coupondeals the next 100 times you go to the drugstore that could be $16,800! Just think of all you could do with an extra $16,800!

It seems about half the coupons are now for cosmetics, health and beauty aids, or cleaning supplies rather than for food. True, you need cleaning supplies, but you don’t need that new mop kit with disposable cleaning pads. What a disaster for the environment! What a disaster for your budget! A mop, a bucket, a general purpose cleaner, and some old t-shirts for cleaning rags are all you need. No matter that the kit is free to start with; you will end up paying dearly for all those disposable pads you buy in the future.

Be sure to save any unused coupons. Take your unused coupons with you to the supermarket because many stores have a bin where you can dump your old coupons and other customers can use them. We’re all in this together after all!

Shopper Savings Cards – More and more retailers are issuing shopper cards that give addition savings on sale items. Each program differs so apply for all the cards you can. The rewards offered can be generous. You can earn points, credits and coupons that, when used, can allow for additional savings. You can combine these rewards with coupons you already have to increase your savings.

After making your purchase using clothing coupons, you are most probably going to get an e-mail from the store or manufacturer that says thank you. Do not think of it as useless. Open it! Sometimes bigger clothing coupons, rewards, and other freebies are located inside these e-mails, so do not miss out on it!

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