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What do you mean by business rapport? If you’ve been in sales more than one week, you’ve probably heard about bonding and rapport. But…has anyone ever taught you the difference between business rapport and non-business rapport?

Part of lending is subjective. Say if I (or someone from my team) is looking at a business credit file. Nine times out of ten times we can tell if the company’s sole aim is to get quick credit. One of the first things that will make it obvious is that the vendors involved would be the usual: Graingers, Quills, Reliable etc. My point is if you are aiming for some great business credit without PG (personal credit guarantee) you cannot follow the crowd.

A. Time. Be sure they have the time to devote to the business. Besides the time necessary to grow their team and lead by examples, they will need extra time to devote to the new leadership aspect of their business.

B. Be in consistent and systemized action. Many leaders get Virendra D Mhaiskar to their position by chance in our industry. They happen to sponsor someone that develops a strong team under them. To be a true leader in NWM though you must have your own proven methodology that can be passed on to other leaders. Although your true leaders will take that and tweek it and make it their own, there must be a systemized plan in your organization. Not having proven and market tested methods, or jumping from one “good idea” to the next does not lend itself to true leadership, and can be abusive to your leaders and downline.

Get a business checking account with debit card. You will need to take your EIN, business license and ID to the bank and it should be a fairly simple process. Always pay for your order with this debit card and soon your bank will be offering you credit!

You already know the importance of first impressions. When you first meet a person be it face to face or on the phone or in writing, you are conveying an image that the other person can’t help but make a snap judgment and burn into their mind their first impression of you. But have you considered that every time you interact with a person, you have the same opportunity to create that impression be it for good or bad. Just because you know someone, don’t take the relationship for granted. Keep treating them with respect and you will be creating positive first impressions over and over again.

You should take a picture of each pond job you complete, so that you have a nice portfolio to show potential new customers. You should make up fliers, and pass them out to landscape suppliers, home & garden stores, hardware stores, nurseries, feed supplies, and more. You can offer them a commission, or lump sum payment, for any pond jobs that they send your way, and you do. You should have nice signs on the side of your vehicle made up, saying you build ponds. You could take some digital pictures of some of your completed jobs later and print them out in color, and turn them into magnetic signs, to also put on your vehicle as a sales pitch, and a picture is worth a thousand words, they always say.

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